School Chess Clubs

Looking to start a chess club at your school? Here’s how we can help.

Different Types of Clubs

We offer different types of clubs to suit your school’s needs. We have:

Breakfast Club: This is a 30-45 minute session held before school starts. It’s suitable for Key Stage 1 children who will benefit from a shorter session early in the day.

Lunch Time Club: This is a 30-45 minute session held before or after lunch. It’s suitable for all levels and Key Stage 1, 2 & 3+.

After School Club: This is a one-hour session held after school ends. It’s suitable for Key Stage 2 & 3+ and provides longer sessions for children who want to take their chess further.

Experienced Teachers

Our chess clubs are run by experienced teachers who have Enhanced DBS checks and barred list checks, ensuring they are allowed to work with children. Our teachers are also up to date with the latest safeguarding requirements.

Interactive Lessons

Our lessons consist of two parts:

  • Coaching session: Our teachers use an interactive whiteboard or a demonstration board to follow a curriculum suitable for the class.
  • Playing session: Children get to practice what they learned in the lesson.

Equipment and Tournaments

We provide all equipment, including chess boards, pieces, and clocks, for children who are interested in trying them out. Additionally, we hold a tournament every term where children can win trophies and medals. In the spring term, we take part in the UK School Chess Challenge, where children can compete against peers from other schools nationwide.

Opportunities for Advancement

We provide support outside the school chess club for those who would like to take their chess further. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity for a school team to represent the school in nationwide competitions (EPSCA) as well as in regional ones.

Interested in starting a chess club at your school? Contact us to schedule a no-obligation call

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