Mission Statement

The club opened at the end of 2015 with the aim of providing top quality chess coaching in South West London. The goal of the club is to open up the world of competitive chess in a fun environment.  We endeavour to rapidly bring the children up to a level where they can compete in both local and national events.  To do this, we provide work books and set optional homework tailored for each child every week. We offer additional support outside of club hours and ensure that each child fulfils their potential. Parents are kept up to date with the plethora of chess events taking place all over the country and often we will attend as well to offer our support. We appreciate that it can be difficult to make every session so we operate a drop in policy where you only need to pay for the sessions you attend.

Toni Johansson

Toni lives in South West London with his wife and two children. He is a qualified teacher who used to teach Politics before embarking upon a career as a chess teacher. For the last seven years he has been teaching chess full time; working in various schools around London as well as teaching privately. His students have achieved considerable success; qualifying for the Terafinal in the UK School Chess Challenge on numerous occasions, finishing top in their age groups in the British Championship, being crowned English Youth Chess Champion and representing England in various international tournaments.
Amongst his current private students are complete beginners as well as some of the top graded children in their age group in the country. Toni is specialising in teaching students from scratch up to a level where they will be selected to represent England in international junior tournaments. As a junior Toni achieved success by finishing second in the Open Junior Championship in 1993 and third in the U21 Junior Championship in 1994. He has represented his country in international tournaments.

Lucas Duda

Lucas caught the bug for the game when he was 12 years old and quickly became fascinated by the depth and rich history of the royal game.

Despite having played in a number of junior tournaments in his native Poland he dropped chess at the age of 16 returning to it only last year.
Lucas is a qualified history teacher who likes lengthy books and  rock music. He finds chess coaching both intellectually and emotionally rewarding.